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Tap Into the Tik Tok Gold Rush and Start Raking It In!

Perfect For Tee Shops, Etsy Sellers, Personal Brands, Digital Creators, and Businesses of All Kinds

Jump in now! All Sessions are ready for you no waiting!

Right now Tik Tok is GIVING MONEY to sellers like you!

This is a huge marketing strategy for them -- to get more people using the platform.

I want to show you how to take advantage of the free coupons and discount codes from TikTok to get your shop sales off the ground and maybe even GOING VIRAL.

They WANT you on the platform... they WANT you to sell like crazy... they will HELP you get seen far and wide... and I will help you make it happen.

Learn how to set up your shop, create a cute graphic tee, and take advantage of the Tik Tok gold rush going on for sellers & brands just like you!

*In order to access the replays of these live trainings, you must register to attend.
The trainings take place inside a private Facebook group, where the recordings will also be held.

Right now is the BEST time to start selling on TikTok.




Set up shop!


The Mission: Get Your Shop Open

Let's get up and running! If you want to take advantage of all the free money TikTok is giving away behind the scenes, the first step is to get your shop up and running! On this first day of the workshop, we will get your profile set up, get your shop set up, and make sure you can navigate the platform as a seller. Nothing else we do will work until this is done!


  • Your profile completely set up

  • Familiar with selling on the platform

  • A workbook complete with action items and checklists so nothing is missed



Load Your Products


The Mission: Get Your Product(s) Loaded to Sell

Whether you have a product to sell already or not, I will show you how to create and SELL a graphic tee on TikTok. We will quickly come up with a design idea based on what's currently selling, find a ready-made design you love, create a mockup, and get it listed so you can get registered and ready to sell out! This is the same strategy I've used for years to sell millions of dollars of tees.


  • Insider tips to create, prep, and load a winning graphic tee from scratch

  • Expert-level navigation on the TikTok seller platform

  • Shop your products loaded and ready to sell like crazy

PLUS this special bonus session:

How to get your shop registered for the

Spring TikTok Shop Promo



Make A Video!


The Mission: Get Your First Promo Videos Out the Door

Making popular TikTok videos is so much easier than you think. I'll show you quick, easy ways to make product promo videos that are fun, straightforward, and easy to produce. I'll show you how to brainstorm new video ideas, how to pick the right trends to hop on, and how to come up with fun ideas of your own. We will also go into how to get your Promotions set up in your seller profile.


  • How to brainstorm new video ideas to help your shop go & stay viral

  • My best tips for tapping into current trends you can make your own

  • Promotions set up so your products are more likely to get pushed by TikTok

Stop Guessing + Make Your Tik Tok Shop A Big Hit

Inside this WORKSHOP I'LL give you MY best advice for:

  • Getting your Tik Tok shop up and running, INCLUDING taking advantage of the bonuses, discounts, and credits the platform is giving away to shop owners like us right now.

  • Identifying the trends that are working right now & predicting the ones that are coming, so you can ride the wave straight to the bank.

  • Making videos fun and easy... but that also sell your product(s) and are NOT embarrassing

  • Turning your big hits into lasting sales for consistent revenue and a growing base of raving fans who keep buying and buying from you.

  • Having the maximum amount of fun possible while you grow this awesome business.


is perfect for:

  • Graphic tee shops who want to move onto TikTok

  • New & established businesses who want to start selling merch

  • Content creators whose people are begging for a shop

  • Anyone with a super cool t-shirt [or product] idea

Just the F.A.Q.s


  • WHEN IS THE WORKSHOP? It's happening LIVE on January 30 & 31 and February 1 at 1:30pm Eastern. (That's a Tuesday-Thursday) LIVE special session on how to register for the Spring sale happening THIS Friday 3.8.24 at Noon eastern! The other sessions are already in the FB group for you! No waiting get started now.

  • HOW LONG DOES EACH SESSION LAST? Plan on spending about an hour and a half each day. VIPs will have additional time for q&a.

  • CAN I DO THE WORKSHOP ON MY PHONE? I highly recommend you log into the workshop on a computer and then do the steps with me on your TikTok app. It's very hard to follow along when you're watching on your phone.

  • WILL THERE BE A REPLAY? Yes! The standard replays will be available in the Facebook group. (PS there will also be an upgrade option for you to keep the recordings forever on Teachable. Including the extended VIP sessions)

  • WHAT IF I DON'T SELL SHIRTS? If you want to start selling shirts, this will show you how to get started. If you already have other products to sell, the techniques will still apply for you. I have a graphic tee shop, so that's why I talk about shirts 😊

  • WHAT IF I DON'T LIKE MAKING VIDEOS? No worries! I've got a bunch of ideas and tools in my pocket to give you for videos that are easy to make and aren't embarrassing or ridiculous. You don't even have to show your face if you don't want to.

  • WHAT EQUIPMENT DO I NEED TO SELL ON TIKTOK? Just your phone & a computer. With print-on-demand services, you don't need to have any shirt-making equipment. You can bring your ideas to life using free sites and then get to selling right away!


Mae Cee


Mae and her children started selling graphic tees in 2019. They quickly grew the family-run business from $0 to $1M in graphic apparel sales in less than 3 years.

After experiencing the impact the business had on her family Mae founded Graphic Tee Academy in 2022 to help others do the same.

She has created branded merch for entrepreneurs such as Julie Chenell, Cathy Olson, Alison J Prince, Jaime Cross, and many others. These days, retailers across the US, Canada, and Europe carry her family’s fashion brands.

As a seller, Mae is known for her high-quality products, great designs, and excellent customer service. As a teacher, she's loved for her generosity with her hard-won expertise and the integrity she brings to the coaching arena.

With a loyal fanbase and a growing company, she is proving that great products and good marketing go hand in hand.

The Bottom Line Is...

You need to get on TikTok RIGHT NOW. This three-day workshop will help you do it fast. You've got this! And I've got you!

See you on the inside!

xo Mae

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