Hi, I'm Mae. The apparel & print industry changed my family's future. I am ready to help you do the same!


Mae and her children started selling graphic tees in 2019. They quickly grew the family-run business from $0 to $1M in graphic apparel sales in less than 3 years.

After experiencing the impact the business had on her family Mae founded Graphic Tee Academy in 2022 to help others do the same.

She has created branded merch for entrepreneurs such as Julie Chenell, Cathy Olson, Alison J Prince, Jaime Cross, and many others.

These days, retailers across the US, Canada, and Europe carry her family’s fashion brands.

As a seller, Mae is known for her high-quality products , great designs , and excellent customer service .

As a teacher, she's loved for her generosity with her hard-won expertise and the integrity she brings to the coaching arena.

With a loyal fanbase and a growing company, she is proving that great products and good marketing go hand in hand.

Start your merch business or scale the one you have!

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